Tuesday, May 18, 2010


For those who know me, most (OK fine, all) would say that I'm not the most domestic creature. Quite the opposite actually. If I could pay someone to go around the house and pick up all my half-empty cans filled with flat coke, I totally would (takers, anyone??). So, as you can imagine, this motherhood gig is quite the challenge for my domestic incompetence. I thought I was doing good - staying on top of cleaning bottles, doing dishes, doing loads of laundry, wiping the kitchen countertops clean...you get the drift. But it's crazy just how much one 8lb little being can produce in a day...forget that, in an HOUR! After I've wiped the kitchen countertops clean, what seems like 2 minutes later, residue from powdered formula crops up all over the place (can someone explain how it got down in the stove??) and, now, wet rings from newly washed bottles have seemingly reproduced like those creepy camelback crickets in the basement. Talk about leaving a girl feeling deflated! Worse yet, by the end of the day, despite feeling like my day couldn't have been busier, it looks like I've done absolutely nothing except make sure the dent in the sofa stays exactly in the shape of my butt! This raises the question that's been wracking my brain for the past couple of weeks now: how the heck is the condo going to survive once I go back to work? And who would've thought that this would be the primary concern of an undomestic goddess? On that note, some countertops are calling my name....


  1. LOL.....I can totaly relate!!!
    Ask Chris, I dont do house work YUCK. I hate dishes, laundry, forget using a vacuum ugh. I've been trying my hardest, but yes everytime you turn around you think "What the heck, how did that get that bad?".
    So I'm not sure on any advice (hehehe) but just do your best, remember it's not the end of the world if you dont get to it today (it'll be there tomorrow), and as long as that lovely little one is happy and healthy all is good :)
    Love you

  2. I'm naturally a neat freak. But something that has helped me stay on top of the house with two kids, sports and a job is to streamline my cleaning process. Clear out unwanted or unused clutter, and I clean something everyday. Bathrooms and floors on Monday, Wed and Sat. Dusting and vacuuming on Tues/Thurs. Catbox on Sunday. Laundry pretty much everyday.

  3. I take the it will be there tomorrow approach and don't get upset with myself if I don't clean and instead enjoy time with my kids. Then I get my husband to take the kids for a few hours and go to the park or some other kind of fun male bonding and clean then. What gets done gets done and whatever is left I don't sweat it. My stress level went way down once I started doing it that way. One of these days I'm going to convince my husband to let me hire a maid or stay home so I can get more of that stuff done.

  4. Hi Sheps'r us !
    Leila is the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world. Even her toes!
    Love & kisses & hugs,
    from Grandma in Rhode Island